The Healthy Kids

Helping our youth live healthier and happier lives!


About Us

The Healthy Kids Foundation was established as a 501 c.3 not-for-profit corporation in California with a Five Point Gold Star mission to Inform, Educate, Promote, Research, and to Treat adolescents disenfranchised by their communities and the Health Care system.

The focus of our operation is
disease specific:
Pediatric Obesity Management

Responding to the growing obesity epidemic, the Healthy Kids Foundations will reach out directly to children, parents, teachers, and health care professionals in California 's culturally diverse communities.

Programs developed will embrace our Five Star approach to the management of obesity by providing nutritional education, exercise, and behavioral modification in order to promote healthy eating, and increased physical activities.  Children and their families will be equipped with the social, medical and environmental support needed to adopt a long-term healthy eating behaviors, thus enhancing happier and healthier lives.